Fire alarm engineering is an important aspect of any system designed to protect your business property, employees and other assets in case of fire.  Most NYC and Long Island business owners know that they want a dependable, quality system.  Other than that, most business owners know very little about the system being used to safeguard their business.  It makes no difference whether you run an executive office, small retail shop or expansive production or manufacturing plant – engineering is crucial as to how well your system works to protect your livelihood, and human life.


Why is fire alarm engineering so important?


This aspect of a fire alarm system is important in any setting, but particularly in New York City where skyscrapers and high-rise buildings dominate the landscape.  The design an engineer lays out is all-important is regards to the level of protection provided for your unique needs.


Business owners have many things to worry about; how the alarm system is designed is not usually of any consequence.  You may assume that there are smoke detectors, strobes and perhaps a sprinkler system, but other than that you have no clue.


In fire alarm engineering, the engineer plays a key role in designing a system that offers the ultimate protection for your company, based on the size and structure of your business, number of employees and other factors.  An engineer can incorporate his understanding and knowledge of various systems and how they relate to protection, control, detection, alarms and extinguishment.


Many factors are taken into consideration when designing a system for a particular business, such as construction materials used in the building, how resistant the structure is to fire, interior finish, number of exits, occupant loads and more.  The engineer can then analyze risks and hazards and lay out a system that offers your property the greatest level of security in case of fire.  Once the design is in place, technicians can lay out the system in accordance with the specifics laid out by the engineer.


In a nutshell, the engineer should be capable of providing an integrated solution that works for the unique needs of the customer. Now you understand the basics of fire alarm engineering, and its importance to the safety and welfare of your property, patrons, inventory, employees and other assets.  Should you have your system reviewed to ensure that it is up to standard and offers the ultimate in protection?


Business owners rarely give fire alarm installation a second thought; as long as you have a system, your property, employees and assets are protected, right?  Not so fast.  The installation of your system is crucial in whether it works properly.  It should be installed by technicians who are licensed, knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of fire alarm installation.


While expert installation is important in any commercial or business setting, this is particularly true in the New York City and Long Island areas, where you find more skyscrapers and high-rise buildings than anywhere else in the U.S.  A company that specializes in security can protect your business in a number of ways, including:


Thorough inspection of your premises.  Prior to installation, a reputable company will send a representative to your business you will inspect your business in order to determine what type of system may be most suitable for your needs.  You also want a company that will take your budget in to consideration while still offering reliable security.


Professional installation.  Installing any type of security equipment to protect your business requires a professional who is skilled, experienced and knowledgeable.  You may have a friend or relative who is technically or mechanically oriented, but that doesn’t mean they have any business installing a fire alarm system.  This is a measure that can save lives – and your business.  So leave it to the experts.


Monitoring, inspection and more.  Not only is proper fire alarm installation crucial in safeguarding your business and employees, how that system is maintained is just as important.  By hiring a company dedicated to business security and all that those systems encompass including monitoring and inspection, you can rest assured that you, your property and all those who step foot on your property are as safe as possible should a fire break out.


It’s easy to go with the first commercial fire alarm installation company you come to in the Yellow Pages, or one that is located closest to you – but it may not be the best decision you make.  Go with a company that specializes in commercial security, one that is reputable and trusted when it comes to keeping property and lives safe from potential danger.  When you rely on professionals that takes an integrated approach, providing engineering and design, monitoring, inspection and more, you experience peace of mind.



New York City and Long Island businesses small and large should consider whether their fire alarm service is thorough and all encompassing.  In these areas, enormous buildings (high-rise, skyscrapers) can become death traps in the event of a fire, particularly if your system isn’t functioning properly.  It is every business owner’s desire to keep their property, patrons and employees safe and secure.  Here’s what you need to know.


Fire alarm service is much more than the system itself


Naturally, you want a system that is efficient and designed to meet your unique needs.  Your business may be in a corporate office setting, or you may run a retail shop.  Maybe you are the CEO of a large manufacturing firm, and the setting is an industrial building or warehouse that spreads over many acres.  The type of system you choose is important, and the merchant you buy from should staff experts who help determine the best solution for your needs.


Other than the equipment, what else should you consider?


Monitoring, installation, engineering, inspection, and design are all crucial aspects of any fire alarm service.  Just like with any other equipment or machinery, things can go wrong – a sprinkler system malfunctions, batteries go dead, strobes or bells cease to work.  What would happen if a fire were to break out, and your alarm failed to work properly?  Your business, inventory and other assets – as well as lives – could be lost.  It’s something you don’t want to think about, but security is necessary in today’s business world.


The design and engineering of your system is crucial; your business should be evaluated for unique hazards or risks that exist, so that your system can be designed in a way that is most effective for keeping your property and employees safe.  When it comes to commercial fire alarms, there is not a “one size fits all” solution.


Constant monitoring and frequent inspection are also essential for safeguarding your business.  Monitoring offers peace of mind; your business is being protected around the clock, 365 days per year, 24/7.  Should a fire break out when your property is vacated, the fire department and other authorities are notified in a split second.  Thorough inspection of all components ensure that your system is properly functioning, and will work should the unthinkable happen.


Do you feel confident with your fire alarm service?  If you cannot count on your system to work at any given moment in time, your very livelihood and the lives of those who enter your business may be at risk.  Depend on professionals who specialize in security for businesses, and who take an all encompassing approach to safeguarding property and lives.


While you may not consider fire alarm design when choosing a system to protect your business and its occupants, design plays a crucial role in how well your building, property and employees are protected.  It’s easy to assume that you simply go out and “buy” a fire alarm system to safeguard your property, but protecting your premises involves more than that.


To put it simply, you should consider having a licensed professional design a system that is suitable for your particular needs; building size and structure are two factors that come in to play and are extremely important in designing an effective alarm.  By having a system designed according to the particular specifications of your business, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have maximum safety and efficiency should a fire occur.


Fire alarm design can be complex


Think of your home; would a multi-story building where dozens of people work require the same fire alarm design as that of your home?  Of course not.  The design of a system is undertaken by an engineer, who takes in to account many factors including how many levels are in the building, its composition, where heat sources are located and how many exits there are along with the location of those exits.


For larger public buildings, design often includes supplemental fire safety features such as communication devices and sprinkler systems.  Engineers work to design a fire alarm system that will provide the ultimate protection for your property, inventory and employees based upon the factors mentioned above.  Inspection of the property is performed so that the engineer can determine where alarms should be located, where wiring may be required and other possible electrical needs that should be integrated in the designing of the alarm.


Another aspect of proper fire alarm design is determining if existing wiring is up to code, and whether the system will be connected directly to the fire department or company where the alarm system was purchased.  It is imperative that in the event of a fire or smoke, authorities are notified promptly in order to minimize the potential damage and save lives.


As you can see, fire alarm design encompasses far more than having a few smoke detectors installed.  To ensure your business and its occupants are protected to the highest degree, consider the importance of fire alarm design.  In cities like New York City where high-rise buildings and skyscrapers are the norm, take no chances when it comes to your business, property and occupants.  The right design could save your livelihood and the lives of your staff.


False alarms can be a real nuisance, not to mention frightening.  Dependable fire alarm maintenance plays an important role in keeping your alarms functioning properly, and eliminating the majority of false alarms.  When you consistently have alarms going off when there is no real danger, it disrupts your business activities, which costs you money due to unproductive downtime.


Benefits of fire alarm maintenance


Ÿ  Fewer nuisance alarms


False alarms and lack of fire alarm maintenance go hand in hand.  Your system equipment should be checked, cleaned and tested on a regular basis, which will help ensure that the alarm sounds only when there is a true danger.  How well your fire protection system performs is directly related to whether you have a good maintenance program in effect.


Depending upon the type of system installed, inspection and maintenance are usually performed on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.  When alarms fail to work properly and sound falsely, it can not only put an undue burden on the fire department and other authorities causing them to possibly be unavailable where a real danger exists, employees may become complacent because they are used to the alarms going off without reason – meaning they may not take precautionary measures.


Ÿ  Increased protection of your property and employees


Fire alarm maintenance is essential not only to keep your property safe, but those who occupy the premises such as employees, patrons and visitors.  Dust, dirt and other particles often cause problems with smoke detectors; improper maintenance can lead to damage of your equipment.  An alarm that is functioning properly and well maintained provides security and peace of mind.


Ÿ  Reduced repair costs


When your fire alarm is in good condition, it reduces costs related to emergency repairs and false alarms.  Frequently, regular maintenance and upkeep can help you avoid purchasing new components or equipment.  Properly maintained, a good system can last for decades with only minor adjustments or equipment additions should you decide to expand.


Should you have staff perform maintenance, or should you rely on the manufacturer’s service organization?  The fact is, few maintenance personnel have the knowledge and experience that qualified technicians do.  If your desire is to keep your property and your employees safe and prevent frequent false alarms, have experts with the skill and experience handle your fire alarm maintenance needs.  Overall you will save money and avoid the unnecessary hassles and inconvenience of dealing with frequent false alarms.


In every business, it is essential that you have a reliable fire alarm system; however, what do you do when you need fire alarm repair?  You may be tempted to try to determine what the problem is yourself, or even make the repairs.  This is not recommended, as most people are not qualified and certainly not experts when it comes to something so essential to saving lives in the event of a fire.


Fire alarm repair is something that most businesses only need every few years, but these repairs are an essential line of defense meant to protect your property, employees and other assets in times that could be life-threatening.  Most systems work around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your possessions are safeguarded.  However, even the most reliable systems need an occasional update or repair.


Fire alarm repair should be performed by qualified experts


When you do need repairs made to your fire alarm, it is essential that you rely on technicians with the skill, experience and knowledge to make the repairs.  Your alarm should be in constant working order, and will be as long as you rely on trained professionals to perform the work.


In most cases, having your system maintained on a regular basis can prevent the need for repairs.  However, it’s good to know who to call when your system is not working properly.  A quick repair will restore security to your business – and peace of mind.


When it comes to fire alarm repair, here are some of the most common repairs performed:


-     Replacement of corroded electrical wire used in battery-free smoke detectors


-     Replacement of speakers and other worn-out parts


-     Recalibration of smoke sensors


-     Replacement of strobe lights used to warn those on the property of a fire


-     Reconnection of alarms so that all sound off when smoke is detected by a single unit


-     Detection or troubleshooting failures in circuit boards


In addition, it is important that the technician who performs your fire alarm repair is familiar with common manufacturers; many professionals stock most of the components and replacement parts so that they can repair your alarm in short order, restoring security to your premises.


Expert fire alarm repair should not be taken lightly; while it may seem more cost effective to hire a “Jack of all trades” or do it yourself, why risk the safety of your property – not to mention lives?


Is your business protected should a fire break out?  The right fire alarm system will protect not only your business, but your property, employees and customers as well.  The structure of many buildings in New York City and Long Island make them particularly dangerous when fire occurs; when you’re on the 37th floor of a skyscraper, you want to know as quickly as possible if fire erupts – and the sooner you know, the better the odds of everyone getting out safely.


How a commercial fire alarm system works


Fire alarm systems designed for business and commercial use typically offer a central control panel.  This panel connects to heat detectors and smoke alarms and often horns and/or sirens that activate when a fire triggers the alarm.


Many of these systems offer a sprinkler water flow alarm, smoke detection and automation so that a potential fire is detected within seconds by devices that detect the rate-of-rise of temperatures.  With a quality system, you can be assured that the fire department is alerted in those first crucial few seconds that can ultimately make the difference between life and death.


Without a fire alarm system you could face devastation


Not only is your business and property at risk, consider all of the documents and files you may have on the property.  Many businesses have a massive amount of inventory, which will also be in danger should a fire spread throughout the premises.  Whether you are a small business owner with only a few employees, or a commercial or industrial business employing hundreds or even thousands, it is important that you protect the lives of those who provide your livelihood.

When a working fire alarm system is installed and in working order, the odds of surviving increase by 50%.  This is why it is vital that you have a system you can depend on should the unexpected happen.  When fire breaks out, the first five minutes are crucial; don’t let your business and those inside become injured or lose their lives because you either didn’t have a fire alarm system, or had one that was not operational.


Sure, purchasing a system will cost you money – but the investment far outweighs the risks you put yourself, your business and those who may patronize your business at without protection.  Choose a reputable company that offers exceptional products and service, one that is dedicated to providing businesses with the ultimate in security and peace of mind.  Protecting your assets is simply smart business.


Having a reliable fire alarm installed in your business is essential to the safety of your property and your employees, particularly for those businesses in the New York City and Long Island areas where high-rise buildings and skyscrapers increase the risks should fire break out.  Are all alarm systems alike, and how do you choose which one is right for your needs?


The size and scope of your business is a determining factor


Your business may consist of 4 or 5 individuals, or you may have hundreds of employees who work in an industrial setting.  Naturally, a small office will not need as elaborate an alarm as a large production or shipping facility or a warehouse.


It is essential that you have the right size system for your needs, and that there are sufficient units throughout the building to detect a fire in its early stages.  In the massive buildings often found in the NYC area, being aware of a fire from the first few seconds is essential to saving lives.


Should you choose a monitored fire alarm?


To ensure that quick action is taken should a fire break out, it is important that you choose a monitored fire alarm for your business.  In doing so, the company you purchased the system from will be alerted right away; in turn, they will notify the fire department immediately, so that help is dispatched in a quick, efficient manner.  Some alarms notify the fire department directly, so that no time is wasted that could result in property damage or injuries.


Types of fire alarms to consider


There are numerous options today when it comes to choosing the right fire alarm, from conventional to analogue addressable systems.  A conventional alarm may be sufficient for those businesses operating in a small office, and they are typically less costly.


Larger buildings or those with numerous sections may prefer an analogue model which is capable of detecting the exact location of the fire, heat levels in various areas of the building and even smoke.


An automatic fire alarm can detect a fire within those first crucial seconds using rate-of-rise or fixed temperature devices; many alarms also include smoke detection, a sprinkler water flow alarm, and industrial building supervision which monitors functions such as temperature increase or decrease, boiler failure and more.


As a business owner you want to do everything possible to ensure the safety of your business, property and staff.  A fire alarm is one of the smartest investments you can make in your business, whether small or large.


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