If you’ve got a business, you need to protect yourself, your employees, and your business contents and premises from the threat of fire. It’s also notable to remember that if you live in Long Island or New York City, space is at a premium and you are likely in very close proximity to your neighbors. If you don’t have a good, operational fire alarm system installed, you’re not just risking your own a livelihood or life; you’re also risking those of your neighbors’.


It isn’t enough just to get a good fire alarm system installed, though. You also need regular fire alarm repair and maintenance, in order to make sure your system is operational and up to date, with no problems that prevent its correct operation. The contractor or dealer who installs your system for you should make sure that all current codes are met; regular inspections will also ensure that the system remains operational and up to date. Should codes change, your contractor will also be able to recommend whether or not repair will be adequate to meet those codes, or if replacement as necessary. And of course, if your system ever becomes unusable, it will be repaired or replaced as a matter of course.


Hiring a good contractor to ensure regular fire alarm inspection, as well as repair or replacement, is not just good business. It’s the law for New York City and Long Island. You need to make sure that the contractor who undertakes your fire alarm repair and maintenance is reputable. When you first get ready to install your system, the fire marshal or other applicable official will visit your premises and tell you what you need to have. Then, it’s up to you to hire a reputable dealer to do the installation, as well as fire alarm repair and maintenance. The dealer you work with should be certified by the National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologies (NICET), and should be licensed to assess your site for its needs, as well as to wire, install, and monitor the system.


Repair, or replacement?


Regular repair and maintenance is also important after the initial installation. A reputable dealer with the above qualifications will be able to do that for you. While it may be cost effective most of the time to do fire alarm repair rather than replacement, there are also times when your dealer may advise you to replace instead. This is necessary if there are code changes, for example, that make repair impossible or prohibitively expensive as compared to replacement.


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Whether you own an art gallery or your business setting is an office or manufacturing facility, a Siemens fire alarm system offers exceptional protection for your property and patrons.  There are many systems you could choose, and if you are like most NYC or Long Island business owners you probably assume that one system is as dependable as the next.  There are a few things you should know about the Siemens fire alarm system before you make a final decision for your business.


Fire protection is not a “one size fits all” solution


Businesses are as different as people are.  Some are small and on a single level, while others take up acres of land or exist on multiple levels.  It is important that you choose a system that can be tailor-made to your needs, which is one advantage of a Siemens fire alarm.


Greater compatibility and flexibility


In order to safeguard your business to the fullest extent, you want a system that offers high-performance devices that have been proven to offer the ultimate in protection.  Some of the devices and systems found with the Siemens brand are an integrated digital emergency voice evacuation system, multiple FireFinder networking system which is compatible with MXL, and special hazards extinguishing systems.


The company also offers a variety of panels, including MXL, SXL, FS-250, System 3 and FireFinder.  The MXL offers flexible architecture, and can meet the requirements of a wide scope of applications.  This series of systems is UL Listed 864 and 1076, NFPA 72 compliant, Coast Guard approved and is a far superior system in terms of flexibility and expansion, with integrated voice, large system capacity, peripheral support and many other features essential to businesses today.


The MXL system is capable of monitoring hundreds of input devices that include heat and smoke detectors, sprinkler system pressure, tamper and flow switches, visual warning devices and more.  When you want a system that you can count on to protect your property and lives in any given situation, the Siemens fire alarm is a far superior choice. Its versatility, advanced technology and integration capabilities make this the number one fire system for businesses large and small, all across the nation.


When you choose a Siemens fire alarm, you are choosing a name you can trust and that you know without a doubt will keep your property and employees


As a NYC or Long Island business owner, no doubt you know the importance of a fire alarm test – but is your system tested on a regular basis to ensure that your property, assets and employees are protected to the fullest possible extent should a fire break out?  New York City is notorious for its tall buildings and skyscrapers; however, the structure of many of these buildings put lives and businesses at risk.  If it has been a while since you have had a fire alarm test performed, perhaps it’s time to freshen up on what is (or should be) involved.


Why have a fire alarm test?  It’s the law.  Here are a few other reasons.


Ÿ  If your system isn’t functioning properly, lives are at stake – not to mention your property and business.  A well maintained system means a safer working environment.


Ÿ  It is essential that you meet the requirements of fire inspectors, the local building department and your insurance carrier.  If requirements are not met, your insurance carrier could potentially reject any claim should you fail to have proof of thorough yearly inspections.


Ÿ  Your fire alarm could generate “false” alarms if components are not tested regularly.  This wastes not only your productivity and that of your employees, but wastes fire department resources as well.


Ÿ  If you fail to test your system when it is required, you may be held liable for injuries sustained by employees, tenants or patrons.  In the event of a death, you could be facing a wrongful death lawsuit.


There are many aspects of a fire alarm test, some performed on an annual basis, others on a weekly, quarterly or semiannual basis.  Depending upon your system, sprinkler waterflow and valve tamper switches should be tested, as well as load voltage of batteries, control panels, fuses, LED’s, smoke and heat detectors, strobes, horns, bells, voice evacuation equipment and more.


There is no doubt that a fire alarm test will disrupt the workplace, but this is a small price to pay to protect your property and the lives of all who enter your business.  However, disruption is minimal and it is essential that all components of your system are tested so that requirements are met and your system continues to function properly.  The failure of even one small component could mean that your fire alarm does not work, and that lives are placed in jeopardy.