Is your business protected should a fire break out?  The right fire alarm system will protect not only your business, but your property, employees and customers as well.  The structure of many buildings in New York City and Long Island make them particularly dangerous when fire occurs; when you’re on the 37th floor of a skyscraper, you want to know as quickly as possible if fire erupts – and the sooner you know, the better the odds of everyone getting out safely.


How a commercial fire alarm system works


Fire alarm systems designed for business and commercial use typically offer a central control panel.  This panel connects to heat detectors and smoke alarms and often horns and/or sirens that activate when a fire triggers the alarm.


Many of these systems offer a sprinkler water flow alarm, smoke detection and automation so that a potential fire is detected within seconds by devices that detect the rate-of-rise of temperatures.  With a quality system, you can be assured that the fire department is alerted in those first crucial few seconds that can ultimately make the difference between life and death.


Without a fire alarm system you could face devastation


Not only is your business and property at risk, consider all of the documents and files you may have on the property.  Many businesses have a massive amount of inventory, which will also be in danger should a fire spread throughout the premises.  Whether you are a small business owner with only a few employees, or a commercial or industrial business employing hundreds or even thousands, it is important that you protect the lives of those who provide your livelihood.

When a working fire alarm system is installed and in working order, the odds of surviving increase by 50%.  This is why it is vital that you have a system you can depend on should the unexpected happen.  When fire breaks out, the first five minutes are crucial; don’t let your business and those inside become injured or lose their lives because you either didn’t have a fire alarm system, or had one that was not operational.


Sure, purchasing a system will cost you money – but the investment far outweighs the risks you put yourself, your business and those who may patronize your business at without protection.  Choose a reputable company that offers exceptional products and service, one that is dedicated to providing businesses with the ultimate in security and peace of mind.  Protecting your assets is simply smart business.


Having a reliable fire alarm installed in your business is essential to the safety of your property and your employees, particularly for those businesses in the New York City and Long Island areas where high-rise buildings and skyscrapers increase the risks should fire break out.  Are all alarm systems alike, and how do you choose which one is right for your needs?


The size and scope of your business is a determining factor


Your business may consist of 4 or 5 individuals, or you may have hundreds of employees who work in an industrial setting.  Naturally, a small office will not need as elaborate an alarm as a large production or shipping facility or a warehouse.


It is essential that you have the right size system for your needs, and that there are sufficient units throughout the building to detect a fire in its early stages.  In the massive buildings often found in the NYC area, being aware of a fire from the first few seconds is essential to saving lives.


Should you choose a monitored fire alarm?


To ensure that quick action is taken should a fire break out, it is important that you choose a monitored fire alarm for your business.  In doing so, the company you purchased the system from will be alerted right away; in turn, they will notify the fire department immediately, so that help is dispatched in a quick, efficient manner.  Some alarms notify the fire department directly, so that no time is wasted that could result in property damage or injuries.


Types of fire alarms to consider


There are numerous options today when it comes to choosing the right fire alarm, from conventional to analogue addressable systems.  A conventional alarm may be sufficient for those businesses operating in a small office, and they are typically less costly.


Larger buildings or those with numerous sections may prefer an analogue model which is capable of detecting the exact location of the fire, heat levels in various areas of the building and even smoke.


An automatic fire alarm can detect a fire within those first crucial seconds using rate-of-rise or fixed temperature devices; many alarms also include smoke detection, a sprinkler water flow alarm, and industrial building supervision which monitors functions such as temperature increase or decrease, boiler failure and more.


As a business owner you want to do everything possible to ensure the safety of your business, property and staff.  A fire alarm is one of the smartest investments you can make in your business, whether small or large.


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ASM Integrators offers unparalleled security products and services for businesses of all sizes throughout the NYC and Long Island areas, including the ideal fire alarm for your needs.


For over 130 years, a Faraday fire alarm has offered the ultimate in fire protection for thousands of businesses both large and small.  Over the years, fire safety needs have changed dramatically due to the growth of business, high-rise buildings, multi-building campuses, massive industrial settings, etc.  No longer are businesses small little “mom and pop” establishments like they once were.  Are your property, business assets and employees properly protected in case of fire?


Why addressable systems are essential in a business environment


A Faraday fire alarm is an addressable system, but what does that mean to you?  Unlike conventional systems, this type of fire protection is flexible and reliable, technologically advanced when compared to other systems.


Addressable technology helps saves lives in that a fire can be detected and pinpointed almost immediately, which makes for accelerated response.  Because these systems are mapped, each detection device has a separate ID, and the locations of these ID’s are nearly always communicated digitally to either the fire department or central station.


In addition, more and more businesses today demand fire protection that is survivable in the event of a fire; businesses also want to save as much money as possible without compromising the safety of their property, assets and human lives.  Faraday fire alarms offer self diagnostic technology, which simply means that service technicians may be alerted when a module or detector is dirty or malfunctioning.  This not only helps service personnel correct potential problems early, it helps businesses save money that would have been spent on repair.


That being said, the NFPA has specific guidelines that ensure that all aspects of fire systems are properly maintained, so self diagnostics should never replace scheduled maintenance.  Another aspect of addressable fire alarm systems that is of great value is that individual problems can be easily determined because unlike conventional systems in which a single loop is comprised of multiple devices, an addressable system makes it easy to identify specific, individual problems.


With a Faraday fire alarm businesses can count on faster installation and troubleshooting, concise reporting of fires or threats of fire and enhanced safety for your property.  Today, enhanced technology is increasing safety in the business arena, meaning quicker response time, components and devices that can be integrated with many existing systems, lower cost and reduced maintenance and repair.  Isn’t your business worth the best fire protection system in the industry?