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Fire Alarm Inspection

Fire Alarm Inspection

Fire Alarm Inspection
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Fire Alarm inspection

To ensure the safety of your property and your employees, a fire alarm inspection performed on a regular basis is essential. At ASM Integrators, our goal is to educate businesses in the New York City and Long Island areas regarding fire alarm inspection and items that need to be addressed during the inspection.

Building owners are responsible for scheduling inspections, testing and overall maintenance of fire alarm systems. When you set up an inspection, a representative from the company where you purchased the alarm should be present as well as the electrical contractor who will perform the fire alarm inspection. You should also have proper documentation, which includes a plan/work application (Form PW-1) from the Department of Buildings, along with a plan examination (Form TM-1), a set of approved 24" x 36" plans, "As-Built" riser diagram, data sheets and a Form A-433 or electricians sign-off form.

During a fire alarm inspection it is essential that batteries are checked (where applicable) along with electrical connections, display panel, and placement of extinguishers. Sprinklers should also be checked for proper placement. It is essential to determine whether there are a sufficient number of exits and whether those exits are conspicuously and clearly marked for occupants. At ASM Integrators, we specialize in fire alarms and the security of your business. Get a sample Report
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